Wealth Management Solutions

You’ve taken risks and made intelligent decisions to reach a level of success unique to you and your family.  Our team has partnered with successful clients for many years which has given us insight and experience across all types of financial needs and life’s unexpected situations.  Our robust AdviceWorks process is transparent and supports close communication with your trusted network of advisors, relationships, and family members.  

How do we support your peace of mind?

We make it a priority to build a meaningful partnership with those who entrust their future to us.  Before we make any recommendations, we take the time to know you, your goals, and your concerns.  At the same time, you get to know us and the value we can bring to you and your family.


AdviceWorks’ experienced wealth management team partners with you to coordinate the many disciplines necessary to work through the complexity of your financial life.  We work with you to prioritize goals and develop a measurable, prudent plan.


Through our AdviceWorks wealth management process, we strive to help you achieve personal financial goals, an enhanced quality of life, and satisfaction with your contribution to the causes that matter to you most.  At AdviceWorks, success is defined by the goals we set and achieve together.


Our independence and fiduciary AdviceWorks practice model results in positioning your interests first.  Our work together with you may include:


US and International Equity Strategies

Rising Dividend Focus

  • Seek total return with significant and growing contribution from dividends

  • Emphasis on stocks that demonstrate long- term growth potential based on fundamental factors, and equities evaluated on criteria such as valuation, profitability, earnings growth, and balance sheet strength

  • Resulting strategies typically have a track record of rising dividends that average higher than the S&P 500 and are expected to grow their dividend 


Fixed Income

The fixed income market is diverse, spanning a broad range of securities. Some of the more common types include:

  • U.S. Treasuries: issued by the federal government, the only entity permitted to print money, and thus considered the safest type of bond.

  • Money market instruments: issued by corporations or government entities and considered relatively low risk because maturities are usually very short.

  • Investment-grade corporate bonds: issued by corporations deemed by the major credit rating agencies to be in good financial condition and likely to meet payment obligations.

  • High yield (junk) bonds: issued by corporations considered to be at higher risk of default (i.e., missing interest or principal payments) due to financial difficulties.

  • Mortgage- and asset-backed securities: issued by a government agency or financial institution; the coupon payments represent cash flows from a pool of loans, such as mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards.

  • International bonds: issued by governments or corporations outside of the U.S.

  • Tax-free municipal bonds: issued by state or local governments; interest payments are exempt from federal and, in some cases, state taxes. Some income may be subject to the federal alternative minimum tax.


Alternatives & Specialized Investments

  • We utilize liquid non-commission alternative strategies.

  • Alternative Strategies are often none market correlated and used for diversification and hedging

  • Alternative investments include but are not limited to private equity, hedge funds, managed futures, real estate, commodities and derivatives contracts.

Custom Portfolio Design / Asset Allocation

Three Step Process

Estate & Financial Planning

In the old days, a financial plan was a large, 3-ring binder notebook or written document listing all the details about your finances and what you should do about each of those details. Most of those plans were circular-filed, sometimes on receipt.  


Today AdviceWorks utilizes industry leading planning technology that allows our clients to visually connect to understand goals and recommendations.  Our technology allows clients to interact with their plan in real time online, help set and prioritize goals, all while communicating directly with their advisor.  


A truly interactive customizable planning experience helps clients implement and fully benefit from the ongoing AdviceWorks planning process.  

Tax Deferral Planning

For Business Owners

A Specialized trust structure has the ability to generate substantially more money over the long run than a direct and taxed sale. It is also superior to a direct installment sale as the concerns of a defaulting buyer are eliminated.

Specialized trust structures offer an alternative to a 1031 Exchange “Starker exchange” to help our clients defer capital gains tax liability without the time restrictions, identification requirements, and complications of a 1031ex.  Owners benefit form a 100% liquid sales event that is tax deferred, and can be invested back into real estate per-tax and / or diversified into other investments.

For Real Estate Owners

Ask Yourself These Questions?

  1. Do you own a valuable business or highly appreciated real estate?

  2. Are you hesitant to sell your business or property because capital gains tax will take a big bite out of your sales proceeds?

  3. Are you thinking about an exit strategy to protect the equity that you have accumulated?

  4. Would you like to sell your business or real estate and receive a fixed income based on the pre‐tax proceeds? Are you a buying a business or real estate asset and would like seller to agree to a discount on the sales price?

  5. Would you like to sell your property or your business and defer the capital gains taxes without doing a 1031 exchange?

  6. Are you a buying a business or real estate asset and would like seller to agree to a discount on the sales price?

  •  Tax Deferral: When appreciated property is sold, tax on gain is deferred until receipt of payments.

  • Estate Tax Benefits: Accomplishes an estate freeze for estate tax purposes.

  • Maintains Family Wealth: Helps to maintain wealth within the family.

  • Estate Liquidity: Converts an illiquid asset into monthly payments.

  • Flexibility and direction of investments

  • Retirement Income: Provides a stream of income for retirement.

  • Probate Tax Avoidance: with proper estate planning. 

Primary Benefits of  453 Tax Deferral Structures

If you answer YES to any of these questions AdviceWorks Tax Deferral Solution is worth exploring.

Liquidity Solutions

Risk Solutions & Protections

AdviceWorks ensures that clients receive the insurance service and risk protection they need. Free from financial conflicts of interest, AdviceWorks is able to utilize the right insurance carrier to best fit our client’s goals.  


We do not have captive insurance pressures from a parent company to use specific products; independence and an open platform help ensure our clients best interest come first.  We have access to all industry leading carriers and shop for the best risk solution to fit your needs.  With our team’s economies of scale, we can often get lower rates on many risk solutions that we pass directly onto our clients.  


We would be happy to run a competitive quote or run a free insurance analysis to see if any opportunities to improve existing policies exits. 

1. Manager selection – 30 strict filters to screen managers

2. Asset Class & Manager Optimization- Utilizes Markowitz Nobel Prize academia with the efficient frontier and Black-Litterman modeling statistical analytics with a focus on future performance / risk adjusted return for more intuitive portfolio design.

3. Ongoing Review and Monitoring - Daily review and communication from our research partner.


To best design a custom portfolio for our clients we determine every client's risk tolerance and investment strategy suitability and implement an investment policy statement to detail how the portfolio will be managed.  

AdviceWorks has access to all investments on the Charles Schwab institutional platform and additional managers and investments as well.  Our open architecture practice model allows us to provide our clients with a full suite of investment options.  

AdviceWorks has multiple bank channel partners that provide lines of credit for our clients’ liquidity needs.  Lines of credit are collateralized by assets in after tax investments account(s).  Assets remain in the market working for you while giving you access to capital for various uses like; 

  • Luxury purchases

  • Tax payments

  • Education costs

  • Medical expenses

  • Weddings

  • Debt consolidation

  • Business start-up or expansion

  • Business acquisitions

  • Diversification for concentrated securities positions

  • Emergency expenses


Quick and easy turnaround times of 1-2 weeks


Loan amounts distributions = 70% to 80% of assets held in after tax accounts


Low rates – typically range from prime rate (+/-)   1.25%

Receive Complementary Access to Yodlee Account Aggregation and MoneyGuide Pro Interactive Financial Planning